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While in Russia and the Soviet Republic, Phillip Harrington often photographed musicians and artists. These photos span the years 1956 to 1967 and include musicians such as Victor Zelchenko - Виктор Зельченко, Alik Salganik - Алик Салганник, Eric Dibay - Эрик Дибай, Kostya Baholdin - Костя Бахолдин, Georgy Garanian (or Garanyan) - Гео́ргий Гараня́н, Alexei Zoubov - Алексей Зубов, Igor Birukshtis, and Igor Kutsevitsky.


Also shown here are several photographs of puppeteer Sergey Obraztsov, the master of the puppet show, along with several photos of his puppets. Also shown is American television personality Jack Paar, Vladimir Lepko, Vladimir Vasiliev, and Ekaterina Maximova.

These images have remained unseen for over 50 years.

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